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Let’s Talk Social Networking

April 12, 2011


Hi Fun Seekers, Before I delve into today’s topic, I want to share something that’s blessed me this past week. Jesus said “it is more blessed to give than to receive.” I love giving away helpful resources for free. For that reason most of the content on our Mediography is absolutely free. In addition, over […]

Top Posts for First Quarter 2011

April 6, 2011


Here are the top 20 posts from January 1 to March 31 of 2011. Some were written before 2011, but they received major traffic this quarter so they made the list. What is God Really Like? Hell, the Old Testament God, and Love Wins Advice for Christian Authors Billy Graham’s Prophecy My New Book Release: […]

My Books on Kindle

March 29, 2011


Many of you have asked if my books are on Kindle. The answer is yes. Click the titles below, and you’ll be brought to the Kindle versions on discount: Revise Us Again on Kindle (coming soon) Jesus Manifesto on Kindle Finding Organic Church on Kindle From Eternity to Here on Kindle Reimagining Church on Kindle […]

A Bag of Tools

March 23, 2011


Isn’t it strange That princes and kings, And clowns that caper In sawdust rings, And common people Like you and me Are builders for eternity? Each is given a bag of tools A shapeless mass, A book of rules; And each must make… Ere life has flown… A stumbling block Or a steppingstone ~ R.L. […]

Twitter vs. Facebook: Reflections, Comparisons, and Ministry Perspective

February 28, 2011


Twitter and Facebook. I’ve been using these two social media tools for a few years now. And here’s the take-home. I liken Facebook to a class reunion. I liken Twitter to a huge roundtable discussion. Like a class reunion, Facebook is great for reconnecting with old friends. Getting updates on their lives. Updating them on […]

Advice for Christian Authors

February 23, 2011


25 Pieces of Advice for Christian Authors: Established, New, and Pondering This post was provoked by the many people who have asked me questions about authoring and publishing books over the years. So I thought I’d jot down my answers in one post for ease of future reference. I’m no expert when it comes to […]

I Was Wrong About Book Endorsements

February 20, 2011


Your comments to my question on Thursday about book blurbs really surprised me. Previously, I had thought that very few people bought a book based on endorsements. (By endorsements, I’m referring to the endorsements that appear in the first pages of a book and on the back cover.) I assumed that book blurbs were highly […]