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If God Wrote Your Biography

April 19, 2011


If God wrote your biography, how would it read? Based on reader comments over the past year, the chapter that answers this question is among the most popular in the book, Jesus Manifesto. Click here to download and read it If you like it, pass it on. (Click the Tweet button below this post.) On […]

Living by the Tree of Life

April 14, 2011


Over the years, I’ve ministered a great deal on the Tree of Life and its practical meaning for Christians today. The reason is because the message radically changed my life as a young believer. Chapter 8 of Jesus Manifesto is an introduction to the subject. It’s called “The Forgotten Tree.” We are offering it free. […]

Legalism, License, Lordship, and Liberty

April 5, 2011


***Prelude: This blog post is an introduction to a subject; it is not a complete statement. The book delves deeper.*** When my editor read the pre-publication manuscript of Revise Us Again, he told me that the chapter called “The Three Gospels” had a huge impact on him. “History,” Martin Luther said, “is like a drunk […]

Jesus in a Dilemma

March 31, 2011


The following is an excerpt from REVISE US AGAIN — There’s a great deal of emphasis today on being like Christ. This is commonly tied into and even defined as “discipleship.” The way to be like Christ, it is taught, is by imitating His behavior. I believe that this emphasis is correct. But it’s not complete. […]

A Vanishing God

March 29, 2011


Jesus often comes to us in unexpected ways and unexpected means. Think about how He came to Earth. For centuries, Israel had waited for a political Messiah. They expected Him to lead a rebellion and free Israel from Roman oppression. But how did the Messiah make His entrance? He came in a way that made […]

My New Book Release: REVISE US AGAIN

March 27, 2011


I’m happy to announce that my new book REVISE US AGAIN: Living from a Renewed Christian Script is now available. This book was born on the anvil of three decades of spiritual experiences, struggles, observations, suffering, failures, questions, reflections, and the insights that are born from each. As such, it contains both light and shade.  […]

Glancing or Gazing?

March 25, 2011


“I don’t gaze at men and glance at Jesus. I gaze at Jesus and glance at men.” ~ E. Stanley Jones