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The Nativity Story & My Favorite Christmas Spoof Song

December 22, 2010


Last night, I watched The Nativity Story. I really love that movie. It’s very well done, the acting is great, and it stays fairly close to the text.  I also appreciate how they depict Joseph. You can’t help but love the guy. (I wrote about Joseph yesterday; I regard it as one of the most […]

Do You Need a Little Humor in Your Life?

December 15, 2010


To lighten things up around here, the following are ten blasts from the past from the humor category.  All are very short. (If you like these, you can view more humorous posts in the Archives.) On Being Italian Why I Gave Up Being a Talk Radio Show Host Déjà vu with Jason Bourne The Most […]

Agree With Your Adversaries

November 4, 2010


Shortly after Pagan Christianity released, a friend of mine (who is brilliant) created a video response to the many straw-man/misleading reviews that were circulating about the book. Jesus taught us to agree with our adversaries (Matt 5:25). So the video is quite Scriptural. :-) I still find it interesting that some people continue to write […]

Pet Peeves (Part 2) & The Post Office

April 28, 2010


As promised, here’s my contribution to the “pet peeve” discussion. Four come to mind: When someone reads “Pagan Christianity” and then makes the remark that the book can’t be recommended because it doesn’t offer solutions. This is a peeve because the book was never intended to offer solutions. The book is a deconstructive work – […]

Pet Peeves

April 27, 2010


Hi Fun Seekers, a very good Tuesday to you. A very good Tuesday indeed. Today on the blog, we are discussing “pet peeves.” It’s your chance to share with us what your pet peeves are. You know . . . those things that drive you bonkers. I’ll be sure to weigh in myself tonight or […]

A [Post] Modern Man . . . Hmmm

April 1, 2010


Hi Fun Seekers, thanks for all the kind words about the song I posted yesterday. So glad so many were blessed by it. It’s a great song for this season as we reflect on the Lord’s Resurrection — an event that changed history and the universe. Here’s a pithy quote I came across recently that […]

Mama’s Bible, “The Untold Story” on Audio, Corrie Ten Boom, and our Newsletter

March 30, 2010


Just found out that my book The Untold Story of the New Testament Church is going to be released on Audio sometime next year. My other titles are already on Audio, so when Untold is finished, the entire ReChurch Library will be on Audio. Favorite quote of the week – “There is no pit so […]