Welcome to my blog!

I’ve been pioneering in the organic missional church phenomenon since 1988. Beyond planting and working with organic missional communities, I author books and speak in churches and conferences.

I have but one objective in the above: To absolutely steal every believer for Jesus Christ. To blow their minds to the heavenlies and bring them into those intangible things of Christ, the deeper things of the Lord.

Some of the books I’ve written are Revise Us Again, From Eternity to Here, Jesus Manifesto, Reimagining Church, and Pagan Christianity.

This blog is focused on the deeper aspects of the Christian faith, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the church.

If you are someone whose heart cry is: “There’s got to be more to the Lord, to the Christian faith, and to church than this,” and you are interested in the more profound (and often neglected) aspects of our faith, then you will enjoy this blog.

Oh, and if you have good sense of humor and enjoy laughing, you’re in the right place too. Periodically, I feature book reviews and interviews with other authors, as well as many helpful resources that I come across.

I blog several times a week. To prevent missing a post, you can subscribe via a blog reader or by email.

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I’m also a participant in the Amazon affiliate links program. However, I choose the resources I want to review, and my reviews always reflect how I honestly feel about them.

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