Top Posts for First Quarter 2011

Posted on 04/06/2011


Here are the top 20 posts from January 1 to March 31 of 2011. Some were written before 2011, but they received major traffic this quarter so they made the list.
What is God Really Like? Hell, the Old Testament God, and Love Wins
Advice for Christian Authors
Billy Graham’s Prophecy
My New Book Release: REVISE US AGAIN
Rethinking the Five-Fold Ministry
Twitter vs. Facebook: Reflections, Comparisons, and Ministry Perspective
An Important Insight from President Obama
What is an Organic Church? A Plea for Clarity
Discipleship, Mission, and Church: A Plea to Learn Our History
Why Men Hate Going to Church: An Interview with David Murrow
A Free Book in April
10 Straw-Man Myths About “Pagan Christianity” & “Reimagining Church”
A Vanishing God
Neil Cole & Frank Viola Discuss Missional Organic Church
Are You in the Wilderness?
Introducing the ESV Study Bible
Rethinking Church Planting and Apostles
Deep Ecclesiology
Christians Are . . .

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