My New Book Release: REVISE US AGAIN

Posted on 03/27/2011


I’m happy to announce that my new book REVISE US AGAIN: Living from a Renewed Christian Script is now available.

This book was born on the anvil of three decades of spiritual experiences, struggles, observations, suffering, failures, questions, reflections, and the insights that are born from each. As such, it contains both light and shade. 

The book is unlike anything else I’ve written to date. And it’s the shortest as well (only 176 pages). It is written for all Christians in every denomination, movement, and church structure.

Unlike From Eternity to Here and Jesus Manifesto, it doesn’t contain the element of the sublime. Nor it is written to the right brain.

Unlike Pagan Christianity, Reimagining Church, Finding Organic Church, and The Untold Story of the New Testament Church, it’s not a book about the church or church practice.

Instead, REVISE US AGAIN explores ten vital issues of our faith that work at the unconscious (subterraneal) level. Issues that are rarely addressed today. Some of the chapters include: “Being Captured by the Same Spirit You Oppose” … “Your Christ is Too Small” … “What’s Wrong With Our Gospel?” … “The Felt-Presence of God” … “The God of Unseen Endings” … “Revising the Holy Spirit’s Ministry” … “Let Me Pray About It: Revising Christian Code Language” … “The Lord Told Me: Revising Christianeze”

Tomorrow and the next day I will post some short excerpts from the book.

You may order from PTMIN at a discount here (along with bulk discounts)

Or from here

Local bookstores should have copies the first week of April.

Btw/ for those of you who only read Kindle versions, it will be available in that format sometime in the future. I’m not sure when. My other titles are on Kindle here

I hope this little book draws you closer to our magnificent Lord and acts as a tool for Him to gain more for Himself in all of us.


A Vanishing God

Legalism, License, Lordship and Liberty

Jesus in a Dilemma

Revise Us Again Video Trailer

Order REVISE US AGAIN at a discount (along with bulk discounts)



Psalm 115:1

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