The Eternal Purpose

Posted on 08/05/2010


The message I delivered on Saturday night at INFUSION 2010 DC is now available. The subject: the eternal purpose of God.

The assumption made by countless Christians today is that God’s ultimate purpose and mission is to save the lost. Or it’s to make the world a better place.

But that’s not true. These are aspects of the mission of God, but they aren’t the mission. God’s mission is His eternal purpose, and it goes way beyond saving lost souls and making this earth a better place to live.

If there is one thing that makes me tick spiritually and that drives my life and ministry, it is the eternal purpose.

Each of my books is dedicated to presenting a certain feature of it.

The two main aspects of the eternal purpose are (1) the centrality, supremacy, and headship of Christ and (2) the practical expression of the church, which is His Body.

Since 2005, I’ve been creating a library of books, audios, articles, and interviews all on the subject of God’s eternal purpose and its various aspects.

Someone recently described the message I delivered in DC as my “flagship” talk on the subject. I’m not sure if that’s the case because I felt like I left a number of key points out that I wish I remembered to include. However, the message does encapsulate the eternal purpose in a single talk.

You can stream it here

You can download it through iTunes

You can download the message here

I hope it blesses you and gives you a greater vision of Christ, His church, the Scriptures, and God’s ultimate intention in each.

If you find it of help, feel free to pass it on to your friends.

Book series on the eternal purpose:

From Eternity to Here – unveils the eternal purpose from Genesis to Revelation.

Reimagining Church – how a local church can specifically gather and live as a community so as to fulfill the eternal purpose.

Finding Organic Church – how churches can be planted and sustained in such a way as to advance the eternal purpose.

The Untold Story of the New Testament Church – a chronological and historical look at the New Testament in light of the eternal purpose.

Jesus Manifesto – the center and circumference of the eternal purpose.

Pagan Christianity – common obstacles to the eternal purpose.

All titles on discount – print

All titles on discount – audiobook

Other audios on the eternal purpose:

Vantage Point: The Story We Haven’t Heard – Part 1 (Mp3 Download)

Vantage Point: The Story We Haven’t Heard – Part 2 (Mp3 Download)

God’s Eternal Purpose: George Fox Seminary (Mp3 Download)

Interview on the Eternal Purpose 1 – Kenny Russell (Mp3 Download)

Interview on the Eternal Purpose 2 – Christian Audio (Mp3 Download)

Interview on the Eternal Purpose 3 – Steve Brown (Mp3 Download)

All of the above audios are also on iTunes.

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